The real thing, A stunning 69 Mustang

Aren't you tired of crappy youtube videos you know those sort of photo slide shows that show you a car build, the car build is awesome but the video just doesn't deliver, and quit frankly doesn't give justice to the car! To be honest I am in that situation and on Daily Car Cocaine, I really try to bring forward quality content that is worth while looking at. When I stumbled a pond this video a while ago, and I was just impressed by the quality of the build, and for once in my life, the video that showed it had emotions, vibrance, which really gave justice to this 69 Ford Mustang which was owned by Mario Andretti during the Can Am series race car. This custom car is now worth over 3 million dollars. A big thanks to Julien King who directed this Video, really looking forward to see more of your work and also a big thanks to BS Industries for building this Hot Rod and further more making this video possible.