Respect Your elders: BMW M1

BMW M1 Paris

Happens I was in Paris this weekend, I figured, how awesome was it when people could drive underneath the Eiffel Tower, imagine the dawning sun glowing threw the towers structure, driving your convertible, wind blowing threw your hair... Now this shot doesn't show any of this but this Bmw M1 has a lot in common with the Eiffel Tower: its extravagance. The M1 is the first and only mid engine Bmw, it may have had the Bmw badge, but it might be a half lie, for in 1970 BMW was willing to get into Motorsport mid-engine cars, but didn't have the expertise, so they hired Lamborghini, but happens Lambo abandoned the project halfway threw, and Bmw had to finish. When Bmw had finally managed to put together a mid engine car, the Motorsport regulations had changed which disqualified them from the start. In other words, it was a commercial flop. Thus, this car had open new horizons to mid engine cars, since it was the first mid engine which was truly road civilized, they made possible the daily driver mid engine car, James May from Top Gear qualified it as: "the first truly user friendly mid-engine super super-car".